A couple of months ago I did a pre-finished nursery post where I showed a few of my projects I had been working on (fitted sheet, changing pad cover, crib skirt, and dresser to changing table redo). Well call it nesting, but this past week I have been sewing my little (or really fat and swollen) fingers to the bone trying to finish up all I wanted to do.
First off I wanted to do a car seat cover. Everyone I looked at buying was over $50, and was so cheap and flimsy, and I didn’t even like any of them! So $15 of materials and voila, I got the exact on I wanted!
This was actually a fairly difficult project, if I were to do it over, I would nix the rick-rack throughout all the seams (it’s cute, but super labor intensive), and I would also try to be a bit more accurate on my stitching on my ribbon lining, but overall I’m super happy with it. I’ve never worked with minky fabric before, and didn’t have any trouble with it slipping.

Next, my friend Emmie has this great nursing cover that has boning in the top so when she is nursing she is able to see the baby, and not worry about holding a blanket or other flat cover out with one hand while positioning baby with the other. She told me I HAD to have one, so I found one online, and it was super easy! I also skipped the “secret pocket” since I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I would need a pocket in my nursing cover. Maybe I will be proven wrong in a few months and I’ll go back in and add one.
I should really take a picture of me modelling it, but you can get the idea.
I still felt like after doing my crib skirt, sheet, and changing pad cover that my crib bedding wasn’t really finished, and I had accumulated a lot of scrap fabric over the past few months, so when I saw this tutorial I knew I HAD to make one.
I’ve only ever made one quilt before, I was 13 and it was for a young women’s project, and to be honest my mom helped…a lot, but the directions were really clear, and so I started cutting those squares! I was able to finish it in about 10 hours total, and I am in LOVE with the finished product.
The gal recommends using flannel, as it shreds the best, so I found a flannel for the backing that I really like, I did have to break my chevron rule ;) but I loved the colors, and it just added a little bit of “baby” to the nursery. I got the flannel for $6 a yard, but used my 40% off coupon for Joanne’s. The rest of my squares were just leftover cotton that I had used with all my other projects. I think the end result looks like something you would buy in a bedding set, and that is why I love it so much, especially because I’m not the most accurate seamstress, and you can’t tell if any of my lines are crooked because of the “rag” look.
Last were my easy ones, binky clips and burp cloths. I only had enough minky for three cloths. I’m still not convinced how well they will work, I will probably prefer to just use cloth diapers as burp cloths, but I guess it is nice to have three cute ones J

I knew I wanted the elastic on the binky clips so I could use them with his soothie binkies. Total, these cost me $3.50 to make both of them, and took a 15 minutes J.

And I am officially done sewing for a while!! My next post will be of the totally finished nursery. I am so happy with how everything has turned out. We are so blessed to have been able to get everything we need for our little guy, and then some. He is already one spoiled little man! Now he just needs to get here!


  1. I love the rag quilt you made. It is bright and fun. I am sure your baby loved it. Not sure when you posted this?? I have been making quilts for years but now I am inspired to try this rag quilt. Thank you for your photos. Vicki, grandma of 8

  2. Hi,

    I'm doing same car seat cover and am stumped by strap placement. Where is the point I measure from top 14 1/4". Yours came out beautiful. If you could send me help my email is wonder9344@q.com. the shower is this weekend and my brain is fried lol.your help will be greatly appreciated.