4th of July Weekend

What a great weekend we had as a family! We needed it!
Friday night we got both kids to bed, and sat at the end of our driveway to enjoy the West Bountiful fireworks show. It was right at the park down the street, but we definitely preferred avoiding the crowds and holding hands, eating orange floats, and talking under the fireworks. We thought for about 2 seconds about waking Colton up, but no bones. That kid was asleep and that mattered way more haha.
Saturday morning was the West Bountiful parade. The route comes right in front of our house! So while the whole neighborhood hauled kids, chairs, snacks, umbrellas, etc. out to get good seats early, we meandered to the front yard about 10 minutes before it started and set up shop. That was so so cool. The parade was so fun. They threw taffy and other candy, and even ice cream sandwiches (like thousands of them). Colton's favorite "float" was the truck advertising the Bountiful Doulas. The slogan was "support through your pregnancy until you pop" and they had a bubble machine in the back. Jared liked the bagpipe band, and I liked the horse painted like the American Flag. What an awesome tradition to sit in our yard and watch the huge parade every year!

Saturday afternoon we all drove down to Provo, and we got a new car! It's a black 2014 Jetta and holding the key fob in my hand brought back all my memories of my little green jetta I drove in high school. The fobs have keys that flip out, like a switchblade, and I would play with my keys ALL THE TIME. As soon as I held the key for the new car muscle memory took over and I started flipping the key in and out and I had to laugh. I loved that car!

We came home in the late afternoon and played in the pools in our back yard.
Monday the 4th we had a neighborhood kid's parade with a bunch of people from our ward, and then a brunch potluck. We hung out for 3 hours just talking with friends and getting to know people better. We love our ward so much and have made so many friends in the short time we've been here. We were definitely led to live in such an awesome area.
Somehow the only 4th of July outfit picture I got was of my face haha. But Colton had the cutest tank! And he played so awesome with all the kids after the parade!

That afternoon we were discussing what we would do Tuesday, since Jared took that day off too. The idea was thrown out there drive the hour to Logan, stay the night, and spend Tuesday at Bear Lake. Before we knew it we hit the road! This was the first time we had done anything like this since we had kids and it was so awesome! Colton thought the hotel was the coolest place in the world, and had a whole queen bed to himself!
We got to the lake in the morning and had a blast. Bear Lake is known as the "carribbean of the rockies" because of the turquoise water. The pictures just don't do it justice! It is so beautiful, and we had a blast swimming, splashing, playing in the sand, and laughing together.

We left Bear Lake at about 3 (not before getting famous raspberry shakes though!!) and had to drive all the way down to Provo to pick up our car, of course hitting rush hour traffic on the way down. That was the longest either of our boys had been in the car (about 6 hours) and they did surprisingly well!
We had so much fun as a little family this weekend, we are sad to have to go back to normal life today. We can't wait until both our boys can run around the sandy beach at Bear Lake next year!