One month with 2 kiddos

The first month with Jax has FLOWN by, and we've had so many adventures already
Of course the first week my mom was here with us
Then we had a nice little visit from my grandma and grandpa Trimble
The second week, Jared had paternity leave and we tried to have a bit of a stay-cation. We went to the Bountiful Pond and fed the ducks, we went down to Thanksgiving Point with the intention of seeing the tulip festival, but it was pouring rain, so we had a yummy lunch instead. We went shopping for new shoes for Jared and Colton, and we did a lot of baby snuggling.

The third week my wonderful Mother-in-law came to help me since Jared had to go back to work. She was heaven-sent, and really helped give Colton the attention he needed while I finished recouping and started to get back to real life. That weekend Mariah, Jonny, and their little Stella came for a few days too
The fourth week I was on my own, but only for 4 days :) my dad came in, and the next day Skyler, Clarah, and Nicole drove down to spend the weekend with us. We went to the Bountiful Chalk art festival, went to Swig a few times, and took a drive up to the mountains for some pictures

a family that "greys" together stays together.
Finally the fourth week was my first week completely on my own. I won't lie and say it was super fun or easy, but we are adjusting to our new life with these 2 boys under 2, and there is at least one moment a day that is beautiful, and at this point that is all I can ask for!

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