Jax's Blessing

Funny story about Jax's blessing.
Way back at the end of March I contacted the secretary for our ward to set up Jax's blessing. The family that would be attending would all be flying in, and needed to schedule flights, so we had to secure the day. I asked if June 5th would work, and he said that would be great! I even double checked to see if I needed to let anyone else know, and he said nope, he got it down.
Fast forward to May 20th, like 2 weeks before scheduled blessing. Everyone had purchased their tickets and I was starting to plan the luncheon for all the guests attending. I kept having the nagging feeling to make sure the blessing was scheduled. So I texted the secretary again, and his response?
"Oh Stake Conference is June 5th, so we will have to push the blessing back to the 12th".
My response?
And that's the story of why we did Jax's blessing at our house on June 5th 2016
Jared's dad came out to rep the Thomas side. And my whole family (sans Lance, miss you Elder Bunch!) came out that Friday night. We all hiked Ensign Peak Saturday morning, and almost everyone went to a movie that afternoon. I cooked basically all weekend, which is my favorite thing to do :)
Sunday we had the Parkers, Rogers, Davis', and of course all our visiting family over to the house for the blessing in the morning, and had a big spread for brunch right after.
Jared gave Jax a beautiful blessing, the most notable part being when he blessed Jax to have love and respect for women, which really touched my heart.
We are so grateful for this little man to be a part of our family, and he has so many people who love him who traveled far to support him!

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