Jax's 2 months

How the heck has it been 2 months!!
10.8 lbs (27%), 22.5 inches (31%) and head circumference 15.4 in (25%)
First Smile on May 26th (5 weeks old)
Stopped using the nursing shield at 7 weeks old
Moved into size 1 diapers right after 1 month (though he could probably still wear newborn)
Out of newborn clothes right at 2 months.
This boy is so perceptive. He just stares you right into your soul. He is so alert, just like Colton was, and seems a lot older than he is. He can lift his head so well, and is just about to start giggling.
Colton is obsessed with him, and gets jealous when anyone else gives him attention, because Jax is "my baby". Jax is so incredibly patient with Colton, and he never gets upset when receiving very strong snuggles and kisses. I just know he is so excited to get up and move with him.
He is still crying a couple hours a day, but sleeping awesome at night. He has slept through the night the past 2! And before that only waking once in a 10 hour span to eat. SO yeah. I'll call that a win.
He is looking just like his big brother too, even with the dimples, though they are less pronounced since his face is less chubby than Colton's was
He is moving his head all around and is now aware when I enter (and leave) the room. He is also starting to bat at the toys hanging from his play mat.
I'm so excited to see what this next month will bring for him!

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