Colton's Summer So far (23 months)

We have been trying to have lots of fun this summer, but sometimes it is hard with a little 2 month old. So Colton and I get our outside fix when little man is sleeping. Colton has been such a big boy. He stopped using a binky back in May, and He moved out of his crib on June 9th (22 months old), and has been doing AWESOME sleeping in his "big boy bed" with his special Elmo Pillow and bed set. He can count to 13 perfectly, and counts everything he can find. His favorite is counting numbers on license plates.
He says so many words I cannot even keep track anymore! My favorites though are "Shoom" (spoon), "Shay Shoo" (thank you) and "ruh roo" (love you). His new thing now is asking for things, and answering his questions in the affirmative. For example he will say "Bar? Bar? ok. bar." and apparently he has decided he is getting a bar. He does it with people he wants to see as well. "Grandpa? Grandpa? Ok. Grandpa." it is hilarious.
Colton is an awesome big brother and adores Jax-o. He gives good snuggles and kisses and always says "Ruh roo Jax". 
He isn't a big tantrum thrower, but he is super demanding, and becomes a royal pill when he decides he isn't getting enough attention. He likes to throw toys at mom's head, and pinch her skin with his fingernails to receive such attention. Church is still kind of a nightmare but he is FINALLY going to nursery without mom sitting in there with him! We have had 3 successful weeks and it has been so awesome!! (only took 5 months...jeeze lousie.)
He is the most musical kid I have ever met. He is always singing, he loves to play the piano, and clapping to the beat of songs. And man he is a dancing FIEND. He knows most words to pretty much all the songs on the radio, and will sing along, in tune. it is really amazing. 
He is also great at stacking towers, and identifying colors. His favorite is purple (thanks Barney), and blue. He knows yellow, green, and red too. 
He is a big challenge for me. He has so much energy, but still isn't quite old enough to do a whole lot. I try to keep him as busy as possible, but sometimes I just cannot keep up with him and his demands. He brings me so much joy though. He is incredibly sweet, and as considerate as an almost 2 year old can be. I love my little oldest so much. I'm grateful to be Colton's mama!
indoor activities...
our home made water table

kicking to the beat of the train table
fort building

playing with friends
using Jax as a tv stand
taking picnic lunches to dad on Fridays
pool fun

First wasp sting :( I had to give him benadryl and his lips swelled up!

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