Video Home Tour & Before Pics

I wanted to get this post up pretty quickly since we have done so much to this house in just 6 weeks, plus the more time that goes by the less I was motivated to do it, so here we go! Here are a bunch of before pictures. There are mostly of the basement, and Jared had already torn up the nasty dark brown shag carpet, but you can get the [horrid] idea
Laundry Room


 What's now Colton's Room

 What's now the guest room

 living room


 Horrid Red lights

 Painting over the Utah Ute's "U's". There was one in every room.

See the "After" in the video. To point out, we had all the carpeting replaced, light grey downstairs, and a bit darker up. We painted the entire basement, as well as the two bedrooms upstairs. Jared put in new baseboards and window sills in all the rooms downstairs,and we replaced all the doors. One of the upstairs bedrooms was that awful pink, and the other was -SHOCK- Red.