This Christmas really felt like Colton's first. He was 4 months old last year and we were at Jared's parent's house, so we really didn't do a whole lot. Since then we decided that we wouldn't travel during Christmas anymore. Too expensive, too hectic, and too unpredictable with the crazy weather. Plus shipping presents somewhere just to pay to check them in a bag to fly home doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Even though Jared and Colton were both sick with bad colds this year, we were so excited to celebrate at our own home. Even though we didn't have any decor up in the new house, we made sure to make the house feel Christmas-y. We hung lights outside and put up the tree inside.
The week before Christmas we were able to have Jared's sister Vanessa's family over for a whole Sunday. They were in Utah visiting Mike's parent's for Christmas. Colton and Owen had a great time playing and we had a great time visiting.
The day before Christmas eve we hosted a big Christmas party for a bunch of our friends. Man we have missed entertaining! Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures, but we had delicious food, we did a white elephant exchange, all the kids ran around having a blast, and I made these Buttermilk Syrup jars as favors. We had such a good time!
Christmas eve Vanessa's in-laws invited us over for their family dinner and festivities. The food was delicious, and the company was so fun! Colton had an absolute blast.
That night we got poor sicky Colton to bed and we filled the stockings and I set up the presents after poor sicky Jared went to sleep.
Christmas morning we had delicious casserole and when Colton got up he went right over to check out his kitchen and chair. He also loved opening the rest of his presents! He is so loved!
We like keeping our Christmas small. It is wonderful to see Colton get excited (and the older he gets, the more fun it will be), but spending time as a family, eating good food, and thinking about our Savior are the best parts of Christmas!

Colton opening one of his 12 days of Christmas presents from Grandma, a Barney DVD! he was excited

"Ho Ho Hats" of all shapes and sizes"


All the Sudden it's Winter!

On December 11th is was in the low 60s and Colton and I had fun exploring our new backyard.
Then on the 14th we got about a foot of snow! Jared had to stay home from work, branches were falling on our roof, and there was a downed power line on our street so we had policemen and firemen at the end of our driveway all day!
Of course we had to dress up and play in the snow. A fireman even brought Colton a hat. He tried to be brave, but he was absolutely terrified of the man haha
I absolutely love the snow, now it really feels like Christmas!


Uncle Sky is Home!

On December 2nd we packed up and flew to Denver for a quick trip for Skyler's homecoming. He didn't know we were coming out, so we were excited to surprise him.
We got up so excited on Thursday and drove to the airport. Damon and I had made posters and waited anxiously at the top of the escalators. Everyone was so anxious and excited and FINALLY he came up and Damon and I yelled "SKYLER!!!" super loud. He was so tired after travelling for two days but it was so good to see him! We went right out to lunch and it honestly felt like he was never gone. We spent all day Friday together and we had to pack up and head home on Saturday. So happy we were able to be there for this special time with my family, and it feels so good to have Skyler home!!