Quick recap of November!
I was able to go to Pinner's Conference as a VIP and had an absolutely awesome couple kid-free days taking cool classes and meeting some of my all time favorite bloggers. My faves? Our Best Bites, Maskcara, Jordan from the Fun Cheap or Free Queen, and Melissa Esplin from calligraphy.org. I will definitely go again in the future, and am hoping to make a Bunch Girls Weekend out of the 2016 pinner's conference.
Colton and I survived a week without Dad while Jared was in New York for work. I finished packing up the apartment and we spent a lot of time at the park!
We also found out the gender of our baby, another boy!!! We are so excited. I was so surprised because I was convinced this one was a girl! Goes to show that every pregnancy is different! Baby Boy Thomas looks absolutely perfect and is still due April 24th.
On the same day we found out baby's gender, we closed on our new house in West Bountiful. Long story short, we had several issues with the sellers and were extremely unhappy with our realtor. Despite the issues we moved forward with the closing and proceeded to do some big projects. The whole week of Thanksgiving we juggled Colton, while sleeping and eating at the apartment, but painting and ripping up carpet at the house. My awesome aunt Laurie had us over for Thanksgiving dinner, and that was our only break all week. We finished prepping downstairs just in time for carpet to be installed on the 30th. Finally the house was starting to feel a little more like ours! We still didn't have the fridge though, and had been waiting for the carpet to be installed, so we hadn't moved anything in yet. This was a tough week for everyone, mostly Colton, as we were so uprooted!! I did get my brand new beautiful washer and dryer installed though and I am in love with them!

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