Farewell to Lance

Lance gave an amazing farewell talk on Sunday, and I am so grateful we were there. I only ugly cried once, when he gave me a shoutout and cried through my name. He was set apart after church, and I was just so so proud of him. We all flew back to Salt Lake Sunday night, and it was sad to say goodbye, but Tuesday we got to pick Elder Bunch up from the airport! He stayed with us Tuesday night and Colton and I took him to the MTC on Wednesday.
Calgary is one lucky place! What a remarkable man my brother has become.

Lance's buddies that came for his farewell talk. Most of them aren't LDS. Such a great missionary already!
Lance even got Thom Cook to cry

4 generations of "Bunch"

4 generations of "Trimble"

At the stoplight outside of the MTC, and Elder Bunch Wheeling off!!

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