Colton's First 4th

4th of July weekend Jared had Friday off, so we packed a picnic and headed to the mountains to Pine View Reservoir. It was absolutely STUNNING, a hidden gem! Only about 40 minutes from us, and the drive was beautiful. We set up our chairs and umbrellas and swam in the lake. Colton had a total blast. He loved watching all the other kids play on the beach, splashing, and being spun around by dad. Then we would go dry off on the towel and he could eat crackers and drink his water to his heart's content. I feel like this was the first activity we've gotten to do as a family that Colton really enjoyed, and it was so fun watching him experience it!

On the actual 4th of July we had a delicious BBQ, and watched Independence Day. Colton went to bed early, but when the fireworks started around 9 we couldn't resist waking him up to see them. He was absolutely enamored, not afraid at all. Since fireworks are legal in Utah, there were probably 9 shows going off within a 3 block radius of our house, so we stood in the front yard and watched the fireworks all around us. Colton would hear one go off and whip his head around to see them go off. It was amazing to see the wonder in his eyes and experiencing one of my favorite things for the first time. 

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