Colton and I went out to Colorado for ourselves for a week before Jared joined us, and we had a BLAST!

First off, on the airplane, Colton got his own seat! He was such a big boy with his seatbelt on, and we sat next to the sweetest girl in the world who loved playing with him the whole time.
We loved hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa, and of COURSE Uncle Lance. By the end of the week Colton was saying "N-ya, n-ya" and that meant "Lance".
We went out to a delicious Mexican Restaurant one night and Colton loved his quesadillas. By the end of dinner though he was bored, so he went to Grandma, and we decided to give him a lemon. Lo and behold they are apparently his favorite thing ever because he DEVOURED about 5 lemon wedges. It was so funny the whole restaurant was watching him.
Of course we always see some wildlife. The Baby deer right in the front yard, and the litter (?) of wild baby turkeys down the street
Lance and I got to see a movie while Grandma watched Colton, and the next day while grocery shopping the funniest thing of Colton's life happened when Damon repeatedly knocked over the juice. He had everyone giggling

On Saturday we went to the HUGE Renaissance Festival down in Larkspur, it was seriously the size of Disneyland and it was amazing!

 Saturday night we did a little get together for Lance, he had a bunch of friends over, and the Cooks came over and we had a feast! Also, after a week of 5-6 steps, Colton finally took off walking. 7/25/15, about 2 weeks before his 1st birthday.

Also this picture happened with spaghetti and it is hysterical

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