11 Months

This kid is steppin!! He will take 2-3 steps on his own, and then voluntarily fall to his knees
He is happy and sleeping better and is hilarious. He absolutely loves making me laugh. He loves to lift up his shirt to cover his eyes so I say "Where's Colton??" and he whips it down and I yell "BOO!"

He is so curious, and he loves buttons and screws and any hole that he can fit his tiny fingers in (including his nose). Bench in front of us at church? One finger must push all the screw covers. Charis? One finger must poke the screws. Buttons, light switches, anything that looks like he can push it with one finger he will, it is hilarious.
He can say "mama" "dada" and "more", and his favorite song is still Uptown Funk. He could watch that video for hours.
He also loves "If you're happy and you know it", and loves when I tickle his cheeks for "then your face will truly show it"

He has also developed a LOVE for stories. I have never liked reading to kids (I know I know...) and I haven't been very good at reading with Colton, but he will grab books, and sit and flip through them quietly for a good while! This is one of my absolute favorite pictures. Naked and reading, now that's happiness.

 His best friend is Declan. They absolutely love to play together, and they get so excited to see each other and they give hugs and kisses. It is so fun watching them because they are so close in age!
I am LOVING 11 months, could I just have 11 month olds pretty please?

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