The Haps

Colton turned 10 months this month and we are getting so close to walking. He can stand on his own, now we are just waiting for him to take a step!
We have had a pretty low key month. We've been able to do some activities. Just the other day we made edible finger paint and made a beautiful painting outside. Colton mostly liked squishing the "paint" between his fingers, but it entertained him for a good hour!
It has been pretty gorgeous so we have enjoyed lots of walks. Walks have overtaken baths as Colton's favorite thing. We could walk for 3 hours and he would be giggling and talking the whole time.
He has also taken an immense liking to pulling absolutely everything out of it's particular place, which makes getting anything done quite a task. It is like a constant bargain with myself, "ok if I get ready now, with Colton in the room, I will have 20 minutes of cleaning up to do later..." He loves it though, and I let him take my clothes out of their drawers to his heart's content.

 Always reading stories in the car.
 Loving our new portable air conditioner for the living room

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