Girls Weekend In Austin

 What an awesome quick few days we had in Austin!
I flew out of Salt Lake Thursday evening. I was so jazzed. I was flying all by myself. I got to watch a show on my phone at the gate, no chasing around Colton, making sure his diaper is clean and he is fed and happy before flying. Just me and my headphones and it was so relaxing!
I sat in the very back of the plane next to a really nice guy and we ended up talking most of the flight. He rents out boats on Lake Austin and he was telling me about his new neighbors, Jensen Ackles and his family (the guy from Supernatural) and I fangirled so hard haha it was so fun.
I landed in Austin and had just enough time to get to the gate for the plane coming in from Denver and I got to pick my mom up there! We got our bags, my mom's sister Melanie picked us up, and we were off to her house.
Friday morning we got ready got breakfast at Round Rock Donuts, a place that has seen many a feature on the food network, and we got delicious donuts.

Then we drove around a while and went and got some authentic Mexican food. Then we headed to the river where there is a huge park and we went on a long walk. It was beautiful and green and it was so nice to just be active and not worry about the millions of baby things I needed. We then headed downtown and walked along the shops, and got some delicious gelato.

We got home and spiffed up and went out to a SUPER fancy Italian restaurant. We had wanted to go get the Chef's tasting menu, but since it was Friday night, they didn't offer it. Well we decided to make our own tasting menu, much to the delight of our Italian waiter. We each got an appetizer, a Salad, a pasta course, a main course, and a dessert. We did it family style and ate some of each other's and we were there for probably 3 hours. It was one of the most fun nights of my life. We ate delicious food, talked, and laughed so much.
That night we went back to Melanie's and watched the Pirate Movie and wallowed in our food comas haha.
Saturday we woke up and went back to the riverwalk, but this time to paddleboard! Mom and I had never done this so it was fun trying a new experience. We got to see tons of turtles and fish and it was nice and relaxing. Towards the end though, my mom and I were both completely beat, and hot. It was so stinkin humid. So instead of going back out we poted for delicious texax BBQ, then headed home to shower and get ready and went to a nice cool showing of Avengers (because what is a girls weekend without Thor?)
That night we went to this awesome movie theater way downtown and attened my first ever sing along event. That night it was all 80's songs, so the theater full of people sang Madonna and Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi etc. for 2 hours and it was an absolute BLAST! We ordered good food, sang, danced, and laughed, and it was a riot.
It ended at about 12:30 am though and mom and I had to be atthe airport for flights at 6 am the next morning. There are very few times in my life I have ever been that tired, and the next morning was TORTURE! But I got to sleep on the plane and got home to my boys safe and sound.
I had a wonderful weekend and we plan on making it a yearly event, only next year Nicole will be able to join us!

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