Uncle Lance's Graduation

Colton and I flew out to Colorado to see Uncle Lance graduate high school!
He did awesome on the flight there. He was the only baby, and literally everyone asked his name, and knew him, and was loving on him. He was like a celebrity, and he absolutely loved it.
Sunday night we went to Lance's seminary graduation, and Colton was soooo tired, but he was a trooper!
We went to Damon's school to visit his class Monday morning, and all of his friends loved Colton, of course. Then we went out shopping with Grandma and got some new clothes. The graduation was on Tuesday morning. It was raining and freezing, and we were bundled up like crazy! We made it all the way up until they called Lance's name, then Colton and I went to the car to get warm and take a nap while the graduation finished.

Then, in Bunch fashion, we went to The White Chocolate Grill for lunch. That's where all of us kids have requested after graduation, and of course, it was delicious. Colton was introduced to the french fry there and it changed his life forever.
Wednesday my mom, dad, and Lance flew out to New York City for a fun trip, so Colton and I hung out with uncle Damon for the rest of the week.
We did a lot of relaxing, and playing inside, especially since it was raining the whole time! But it was so nice, and Colton loved all the room to crawl around in, we even practiced going up the stairs, which he got the hang of in no time.
Mom, dad, and Lance got back Sunday, and we had a great time sitting around and talking about their super cool trip. Then Colton and I flew home on Monday, and once again he was awesome.
It is so nice living pretty close to my family, and we are so grateful we get to see them!

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