Exploring our backyard part 3

Salt Lake has been keeping us so busy!
Colton and I have been able to go to the zoo with Shea, and her kids Penny and Declan. This is the only picture we got, but that gorilla was so funny.
Then we got to go to the huge aquarium with Emmie and Lucy and her sister Lily! We had so much fun. I missed Emmie so much!
Later that week we went to Salt Lake Fitcon down in Sandy. Of course Colton was everyone's favorite attraction in his muscle tank. We got to see some bodybuilders lift some crazy heavy weights and got a ton of samples. It was so fun and inspiring to be surrounded by these people who were so strong!
Also we have been having so much fun just taking drives. We like to explore potential places to live, but mostly drive around and see some ridiculously extravagant homes. This weekend our car was in the shop and the dealer gave us a brand new Acadia with all the upgrades to borrow until our car was ready.
We drove around all weekend. First we drove up behind the capitol to hike Ensign peak. This was the place where the initial pioneers, including Brigham Young, surveyed the valley and decided where everything was going to be.
Colton loved the hike and sang the whole way up and down. He looked so cute on our backs with his little hat!
Later that day we drove all around Bountiful, and eventually decided on our dream home. What this picture doesn't show is the breathtaking view it has from the back!

For now we will keep dreaming. We got our little Vibe back, and came home to our little apartment, and for now that is good enough for us!

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