9 Months Old

We just had his 9 month check up, and here are the stats:
Weight: 19 lbs-22%
Height: 27"-9%
Head: 45.2 cm-44%
Size 3 diapers, just moving into 12 month clothes.
Crawling, cruising along furniture, pushing his walker everywhere. Starting to stand on his own.
Says: mama, dada (and knows who we are), "mo" (more) "bubba" (?) "aahh-maaa" (kiss noise-accompanied with slobbery kisses), "mmmmm" (what does a cow say?)
Likes: Walks in the stroller, dancing, Uptown Funk, eating, drinking water from his sippy cup, bottles at naptime, binky, feeding himself baby food pouches, singing, figuring out how to replicate noises he hears
Dislikes: slimy/squishy food, when meals are over, when mom doesn't share her dr. pepper, when mom takes too many pictures...

mean muggin'
Colton is down to waking just about once a night for a bottle, then goes right back to sleep. He usually goes down at 6:45, and sleeps until 6:30 the next morning. We are also down to two naps a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
It is amazing how much more Colton is understanding. He is our little engineer, he loves to figure out how things work, how they make noise, how they move, how he can manipulate them, and how he can make the same noise. He looks for his binky when I ask him to find it, he hides from me when I'm "looking" for him, every time he hears a crinkle of a bag he knows there are snacks and he wants em, and we are just about to start clapping! He loves to eat grass...and will bypass his hands and just lean down with a wide open mouth to get a taste, just like a goat. (eating of said grass has only happened once, but that doesn't stop him from trying!)
We sure love our little guy!

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