5 Year Anniversary

I really had no idea what Jared had up his sleeve for this year's anniversary. We switch off planning each year, so it was his turn, and man did he deliver!
Jared took Friday, our actual anniversary, off from work, and told me to pack a bag for me and Colton. We left around noon and headed to Shea's house where Jared said they would be taking Colton for the night (woo hoo!!! You guys are the best!!) Then we headed out to Park City sans baby for an awesome day walking around the shops. Our favorite was a place called the Olive Oil company where we got to taste tons of olive oils and vinegars and honeys and spices. We spent over an hour in there! It was such a fun date and we laughed and talked. Then we had a light lunch of yummy shrimp before getting back in the car.
We drove about 10 minutes before Jared pulled up to the Stein Eriksen lodge and I literally squealed. They are doing a huge blogging retreat at that lodge that I have been following on instagram so I knew all about it, and just about died. It is absolutely AMAZING!!

The service was incredible and our room was so beautiful. We had our own hot tub on the balcony where I got to use my new Albion suit (Thanks Good Morning Utah!)
After we settled in and got ready, we headed to the lodge restaurant, called Glitretend (don't ask me how to say that...) where we proceeded to have the best dinner we have ever had.
We started with the best asiago bread. Oh man, it was the best bread I had ever tasted! I wanted to sleep on it it was so soft! Then we had a brie cheese plate and a mushroom platter. For the main course, Jared had a tenderloin that cut like butter, and I got a lamb t-bone and sausages. Then for dessert Jared got this neopolitan parfait and I got this chocolate cake with peanut brittle, truffes, and peanut butter gelato.

I could have died and gone to heaven this meal was so darn good, and it was a wonderful way to celebrate the day. We talked about the past 5 years. Our favorite moments, what we have accomplished, and the goals we have for the next 5 years. We have been so blessed and are so grateful for so many things, especially our beautiful son.
I love being married to Jared. Sometimes it blows my mind how awesome our life is. He makes me so happy, and I'm so glad we took the plunge 5 years ago!

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