The Adventures of Colton and Mama

We had to stop doing weekly pictures and posts after 6 months. Considering Colton was screaming about 18 hours a day for almost 3 weeks straight, getting a weekly picture was the absolute last thing on my mind, and once we finally got back to normal it would have been to hard to catch up, so here's what Colton has been up to!
Crawling so fast, and pulling up on EVERYTHING. He knows his way around our house now and will come looking for me if I leave the room. He also knows where everything he wants to get into is hidden. He loves to "scary crawl" and come and get me, and run away when I do it to him.

When Jared comes home, he always greets Colton with an excited "Bubbas!!" and now, Colton will crawl around looking for dad during the day saying "bubbas bubbas bubbas".
He has been saying "Mamama" for a while now, but he can now distinguish the difference between Mama and MoMo, momo being "More". He will "mmmmmm" all through meal time, and if we take to long to feed him the next bite, or he is out of puffs he now YELLS "MMMMOMOMOMO"
That's the other thing, he loves to yell. He thinks it is hilarious, Mom does not.
He is just about pushing his walker around, but prefers to sit on his knees and play with the front of it. He also has gotten much better at dancing, and will pull up on the coffee table and shake his booty while waving an arm. He also likes to bobble head with people, or dance with them. If you shake your head at him he will do it right back.

Colton has been cutting SIX teeth the past week. He already has his two middle bottom. The next bottom left one is about halfway through, and the next bottom right one is still cutting. Then all four up top are just poking through. He will look completely different in a week when they all show up! He really has been a trooper though, just sometimes chewing on something, looking at me and wimpering, but man is he tough.
Speaking of tough, with all this pulling up and walking along furniture and everything else he can pull up on, there have been quite a few tumbles. A few days ago he fell face first onto the kitchen tile from a full standing up. His mouth was pretty bloody, but he only cried for a minute. Same with after he nailed his head on the sharp corner of the coffee table, and mom thought he would have a dent for the rest of his life. There were a few tears, and he was off again.
Still waking up about every 3-4 hours at night, but he goes down and back to sleep easily, he just wants a bottle.
We have so much fun playing together every day, and it is such a blessing to be able to watch him discover all these new things this beautiful world has to offer! He is my best little buddy

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