Exploring our backyard part 2

We have been downtown several times, but we wanted to head down and really explore some of the sights we haven't seen yet! So we packed up and took the quick 10 minute drive to downtown.
First we stopped at the city and county building. It's surrounded by a beautiful park and we walked around inside a little reading all the facts posted on plaques. Colton enjoys every second in his stroller, so he had a ball.
Next we crossed the street over to the Salt Lake City Public library. We rode the glass elevators to every floor and finally to the roof, where there were some awesome views.
From the room there are stairs all the way down to the courtyard next to the discovery museum so I carried the stroller and Jared carried the boy all the way down.
We peeked into the museum for a few minutes before heading over to City Creek for some lunch at the Cheesecake factory, but right before we stopped at deseret book and lo and behold one of my favorite authors was there at a book signing event! I have 9 books by Betsy Brannon Green up on my bookshelf and I grew up reading them, it was so cool to take a quick picture with her, and to send it to my Grandpa and Grandma, who introduced me to her books when I was 14!
Lunch was delicious and we all headed home and took a nice nap!

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