Emergency Room

Well it was quite the weekend. Colton started getting sick on Thursday night, but I didn't think much of it. My family was coming into town for the weekend and we were excited to spend some time together. BUT Friday night when Jared and I went out to dinner, Colton was terrible. Right as we got there he pooped through his clothes, then he was screaming the whole time and wouldn't sit down. It was the worst he has ever been outside the house, and it was really stressful.
We were able to go out Saturday to Farmington station to get lunch with my family and do a little shopping, but C was still pretty miserable.
Sunday Jared and I had to speak in our new ward, so everybody came to see us. My dear mom took care of Colton and didn't even get to hear us! Also poor Jared wasn't feeling well at all, but he stuck it out and gave a great talk. That afternoon I went down to my Grandma's house alone just to spend a couple hours with my parents, but had to get back to take care of my boys. That night though, it got worse. Colton hadn't slept for about 5 days (meaning neither had we) he had been screaming for 4 hours STRAIGHT. The poor kid could not stop pooping. Gross, but true, and he had a horrible rash. He was in so much pain and I was so worried so at 3 am we packed up and headed to the hospital. That in itself was an adventure. Who knew finding an emergency room would be such a battle? Note to self, whenever getting a new insurance policy, immediately figure out which hospitals take your insurance so you know where to go in an emergency, trying to figure it out at 3am with a screaming baby is not ideal.
So we finally got there and of course we were there forever and the only thing they did to the poor kid was give him IV. He was pretty dehydrated, and he needed it, I'm glad we went, but it was still pretty traumatic to hold your kid down while they jab him with a needle several times. After it all, they said he either had rotovirus or "androvirus", either way, there wasn't much they could do.
We were all absolutely exhausted and were happy to go back to sleep when we got home at about 7am Monday morning. Luckily Jared had taken that day off, since my family was in town, but he ended up helping take care of the little man, which was ok, since my family ended up getting food poisoning anyway and couldn't do anything!
Overall it was a pretty awful weekend and we are so happy to almost have our Colton boy back to normal. We are sad that the "vacation" my parents took out here was a bust, but we will see them in May when Colton and I go out to Colorado for Lance's graduation.

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