Date Night!

Sweet Jeff and Kailey were so kind and they offered to watch Colton for the night while Jared and I went on our first solo date in months!
We started by bringing dinner to our friends who just had a baby, then we went out to dinner ourselves up in Kayseville at a little 50's diner.
Then we went to Boondocks fun center where we rode go carts, played mini golf, and did arcade games. We had an absolute blast together. It was amazing how much we laughed. Playing mini golf was so fun, and we joked and made up challenges and it felt like we were on our first date all over again. I am so blessed to be married to my best friend, and it was so weird to be just the two of us for the night, it was so relaxing!

After we played all our arcade games, we had won a bunch of tickets. We spent a few minutes scouring the crowd when Jared found 2 boys about 8 years old, and he knelt down and said, "you guys want our tickets?" their eyes got big as saucers and they practically squealed "yes! we can share!" so we handed over our stacks of tickets and as we were walking away we heard them yelling "AWESOME!!"
I'll deem that a success :)

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