"Easter" Sunday

Since Easter this year falls on a General Conference Sunday, we took the opportunity to dress up in our Easter clothes the week before and get some family pictures.
Colton still wasn't back to 100% so most of these pictures he looks like a somber old man, but we did get one!
Man Utah is beautiful in the Spring!


Emergency Room

Well it was quite the weekend. Colton started getting sick on Thursday night, but I didn't think much of it. My family was coming into town for the weekend and we were excited to spend some time together. BUT Friday night when Jared and I went out to dinner, Colton was terrible. Right as we got there he pooped through his clothes, then he was screaming the whole time and wouldn't sit down. It was the worst he has ever been outside the house, and it was really stressful.
We were able to go out Saturday to Farmington station to get lunch with my family and do a little shopping, but C was still pretty miserable.
Sunday Jared and I had to speak in our new ward, so everybody came to see us. My dear mom took care of Colton and didn't even get to hear us! Also poor Jared wasn't feeling well at all, but he stuck it out and gave a great talk. That afternoon I went down to my Grandma's house alone just to spend a couple hours with my parents, but had to get back to take care of my boys. That night though, it got worse. Colton hadn't slept for about 5 days (meaning neither had we) he had been screaming for 4 hours STRAIGHT. The poor kid could not stop pooping. Gross, but true, and he had a horrible rash. He was in so much pain and I was so worried so at 3 am we packed up and headed to the hospital. That in itself was an adventure. Who knew finding an emergency room would be such a battle? Note to self, whenever getting a new insurance policy, immediately figure out which hospitals take your insurance so you know where to go in an emergency, trying to figure it out at 3am with a screaming baby is not ideal.
So we finally got there and of course we were there forever and the only thing they did to the poor kid was give him IV. He was pretty dehydrated, and he needed it, I'm glad we went, but it was still pretty traumatic to hold your kid down while they jab him with a needle several times. After it all, they said he either had rotovirus or "androvirus", either way, there wasn't much they could do.
We were all absolutely exhausted and were happy to go back to sleep when we got home at about 7am Monday morning. Luckily Jared had taken that day off, since my family was in town, but he ended up helping take care of the little man, which was ok, since my family ended up getting food poisoning anyway and couldn't do anything!
Overall it was a pretty awful weekend and we are so happy to almost have our Colton boy back to normal. We are sad that the "vacation" my parents took out here was a bust, but we will see them in May when Colton and I go out to Colorado for Lance's graduation.


Thanksgiving Point with the Robertsons

It was another beautiful Utah day so we decided to head all the way down to Thanksgiving Point to explore what they had. We invited Jared's old mission buddy Dan and his wife Michelle and their son Shepherd to join us.
We had a delicious lunch at the cafe there, then we went to the animal area where we got to see horses, cows, goats, chickens, bunnies, and sheep. We thought the kids would be a bit more interested than they were, but we had fun as adults looking at all the animals.
We had great conversation and thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon. So excited to live [relatively] close to some great friends!


Date Night!

Sweet Jeff and Kailey were so kind and they offered to watch Colton for the night while Jared and I went on our first solo date in months!
We started by bringing dinner to our friends who just had a baby, then we went out to dinner ourselves up in Kayseville at a little 50's diner.
Then we went to Boondocks fun center where we rode go carts, played mini golf, and did arcade games. We had an absolute blast together. It was amazing how much we laughed. Playing mini golf was so fun, and we joked and made up challenges and it felt like we were on our first date all over again. I am so blessed to be married to my best friend, and it was so weird to be just the two of us for the night, it was so relaxing!

After we played all our arcade games, we had won a bunch of tickets. We spent a few minutes scouring the crowd when Jared found 2 boys about 8 years old, and he knelt down and said, "you guys want our tickets?" their eyes got big as saucers and they practically squealed "yes! we can share!" so we handed over our stacks of tickets and as we were walking away we heard them yelling "AWESOME!!"
I'll deem that a success :)


Colton on the move

Colton started crawling! So naturally my life has gotten a bit more complicated. He is so fast and loves to pull out everything he can get his hands on.
He also has been pulling up on everything, and cruising along the furniture. This kid is barely 7 months old and he walks any chance he is hanging on anything! Yikes!
It is so fun though. I love seeing him explore. His world just got so much bigger!


Exploring our backyard

Utah has had its warmest winter on record. Great time to move here I would say! We decided to make the most of an absolutely beautiful Saturday and explore our new backyard. 
We took Colton to the park and swung on some swings and slid down some slides. He loved watching the other kiddos. 
Then we took a drive up to the Bountiful temple (really 5 minutes from our house) and enjoyed the beautiful view. Utah, I think we will keep you.



6 months!

I'm a bit behind on posting Colton's 6 month update. So I figured I would do it right before he turns 7 months :) So this really should have been up on 2/6 but hey, we are still in the ball park :)
This baby. I have heard several times that "Having children is a woman's decision to forever have her heart walk around outside of her body" and I could never understand that until this sweet, frustrating boy came along, and I'm sure he will prove that again and again.
Colton is absolute hilarious. His favorite thing is to get people to laugh. He will feign being bashful, giggle, squeal, flash a huge dimply smile, or simply stare almost everyone down until they look at him and laugh. He has the funniest screechy sound of joy. He will get the biggest smile and inhale and screech and that's when you know he is thrilled with life.
He is super chatty, and loves to carry on conversations with himself while he is playing on the floor. He also loves to bang his toys on the wood floor to see the different sounds they make.
His favorite song in the whole world is Uptown Funk. He loves watching the music video, and will get up on all fours and rock back and forth to dance along with Bruno Mars. If Colton is upset in the car all I have to do is play "His song" and soon he is cooing along from his car seat. It is hilarious. The other day we were in Kohls, and he was done shopping and just whining at me, when Uptown funk came on over the store speakers and the high pitched squeal of laughter followed by staring at the ceiling for the next 4 minutes was all the time I needed to finish up our shopping :)

Colton has yet to sleep through the night. His poor mama hasn't has and uninterrupted night's sleep in over a year. I guess pregnancy really does train you for having a baby. It has only been in the past couple of nights that he is only waking up every 4 hours. Before that, since we moved to Utah, Colton had been waking every hour and a half and screaming for a good 15 minutes. So we will take the 4 hour stretches! He will, however go down for naps very easily, and naps are stretching for an hour or more these days, which is a welcome change from his former 30 minute naps.
He is a little mama's boy. When Colton is crying he will babble "mamamama" until I pick him up. He loves giving mom big slobbery kisses and stuffing my hair in his mouth every chance he gets. But toward the end of the day when we have been together all. day. long. he gets pretty sick of me and starts looking toward the front door just waiting for his daddy to come home. Dad makes him laugh so hard and he loves it when dad looks at hims and says "BUBBAS!!" He has really loved eating from his bottles and snuggling with dad while he drinks.
He only likes to be held facing forward, none of this "baby on the hip" nonsense. He hates that! He loves eating yogurt dots, puffs, and green beans, but doesn't enjoy peas or sweet potatoes very much. He is so curious and will just stare at things with the most serious look on his face, trying to figure them out.
I may be biased but I really think Colton is the cutest baby in the whole world, and I am so blessed to be his mom. He has really turned into this sunshiney happy boy and my days with him are filled with laughter. (and let's be honest, sometimes mom pulling her hair out as he is crying in his crib ;) )