Valentine's Day

Amidst the moving craziness, and Colton and I being pretty sick the few days before, Jared and I decided on a very low-key Valentine's day. We all packed up and headed downtown to City Creek Mall to get some lunch and walk around. Then we went to Temple square and enjoyed the beautiful day, though as the pictures show, Colton was still feeling pretty lousy...
That night after we put Colton to bed Jared and I made some chicken potstickers. We had such a good, relaxing time just talking about our goals for the next year, and making delicious food together. We enjoyed our great homemade dinner and finished the night with our traditional viewing of the Lost episode "The Constant".
(queue sappy valentine's day post...)
I cannot believe it was 5 years ago that Jared proposed. We were just babies! But I knew that my life would be wonderful with him, and it absolutely has been.

We now have the most beautiful son, and I can't wait to make tons of other kiddos with this amazing man :) It takes my breath away how much I love him. He is so thoughtful and considerate of me, and he loves his son so much my heart could burst just seeing them together. Building a life, home, and beautiful family with my forever Valentine is the best blessing I have ever received. I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful husband, and really, we celebrate our love every single day. I could not be happier.
I love you handsome!

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