28 & 29 weeks

Colton has been pretty sick these couple of weeks. He has been super stuffy and all around miserable, sleeping worse than normal. The week 29 picture really shows the hot mess =D But I finally think he has kicked it! I'm ready to have my happy boy back.
We started going to the gym every morning and Colton goes to the daycare there, and he is doing great! It is so good for him to go to his teachers and to play with the other kiddos. It also has been absolutely beautiful here in Utah, the warmest winter they have ever had! So we enjoy some lovely afternoon walks. Just LOOK at this untouched picture of Colton. Pictures never do his eyes justice, but in real life people are constantly commenting on his blue eyes. Finally I got some that show them off.
Colton really started scooching around this week. It's not quite an army crawl, but more like a scooch and reach.
He also got some new sunglasses, which he thinks he looks fabulous in.

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