26-27 weeks

We had so much fun going to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Colorado for a week! Colton absolutely loves his Grandma, and whips his head back and forth to watch her if she is in the room.
He also has a special bond with his uncle Lance. That guy sure can make him laugh.

We enjoyed an exciting trip to IKEA, even if it was marred by some teething discomfort. We also went to the outlet stores, where Colton was totally spoiled by Grandma and got a bunch of new 9 month size clothes!
  Colton also turned 6 months old on February 6th! What a big boy!
This week Colton waved back to mama, and also began spitting/razzing. He also enjoys a good round of "a-goooo" copying with whoever will play with him. He also began really eating finger foods, and loves cheerios.

Toes were discovered as well, and it was in one such toe-sucking incident in the tub where he proceeded to pee all over his face, and laughed about it. He is such a boy.

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