Christmas in Charlotte Part 3-Reason for the Season

Christmas eve in the Thomas home was so fun. We sang a few carols, and Dwayne read the Christmas story, as well as the book The Tale of Three Trees (my favorite!). Then Vanessa and Mike and two of their sweet boys Mason and Deacon sang silent night and my heart nearly burst. What a beautiful family!

Christmas morning we were up bright and early so the bigger boys could open presents. It was so great to be with the family as everyone opened presents and exchanged gifts to the kiddos. This is seriously such a wonderful group of people to call family.

Also on Christmas day, Jared, Colton and I got to be in on the skype sessions with Skyler and Nicole! We skyped my mom's ipad while they skyped the missionaries, so it was sometimes hard to see, but I got to hear their voices, and it made my heart ache I miss them so so much. Colton got a little bored though...
Christmas dinner was made complete with turkey, ham, potato casserole, jello jigglers, asparagus, and a few other delicious things, and we sat as a family and went around the table and said what each of our "gifts to Jesus" this year would be. Jared and I said we wanted to do better with our fast offerings, and with our temple attendance. We are so grateful for our blessings, and to be a part of such a great family.
The trip came to a close and we headed the long way home on Sunday after Christmas, and the next few days were spent in a funk, I missed spending time with everyone! I already have been looking at flights out there over the summer!

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  1. You're so sneaky getting us singing on video! Haha. This Christmas was awesome, we had so much fun!! Thanks for baking us delicious confections and being a good sport when we pummeled you in games. :) Love you guys and your freakishly adorable babe!