Christmas in Charlotte Part 2-Family Bonding

We spent a lot of time playing games and just visiting due to the drizzly weather the first several days of our trip, but that is exactly how we like to spend our time together. Activities included Blokus, Milles Bourne, Settlers of Catan, and then the game known as "High Stakes Risk" was born. Here are just a select couple videos

It started as whoever lost the game of Risk got tased, then [almost] everyone wanted a turn. Needless to say I passed. But I loved spectating!
We shot bows and arrows, shot rotten fruit out of a potato gun, and played a mean couple games of croquet, and we had the time honored tradition of burning the Christmas tree, though no pictures, I was trying to keep the baby warm!
And of course, with 18 people in the house, there was lots and lots of cooking. I made this bad boy for the last night we were there. German Chocolate Bundt Cake! It was delicious.

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