24-25 weeks

Sweet Colton is getting so big so fast. This week he started giving mama kisses, big, wet, open mouthed ones, and he also cut his first tooth, his bottom right one, one January 20th!
Colton also survived his first move. We moved from Boise to Utah on January 24th, and he did pretty good during the drive, but by the end of the long day he was so over tired he had the worst night of his life, and screamed for hours and hours until he finally just came to bed with mom and dad.
These two weeks it seemed like Colton changed overnight from a baby to a little boy. He is typically so happy and content, but if he needs something, or is dissatisfied with his current state, he will let us know.
Colton has loved the mirror since he was itty bitty, but now seems to understand that it is his own reflection, and he loves modeling different faces. He thinks he is adorable

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