22 & 23 weeks

What a big boy we have!
We started rice cereal on Dec 31st, a week before Colton turned 5 months, and I was going to wait until at LEAST 6 months, but the kid was acting like he was starving, so we dove in and this kid loves food. He even got a new highchair!

We also have these mesh bag feeders, I had two different people give me some, and say they were the best things. Well I am here to say they ARE! We use them twice a day, and Colton will eat bananas or blueberries or blackberries, or even green beans. This was blackberries, his absolute favorite.

Colton started reaching for us this week. He is so cute waving his arms to be passed to the other parent.

He ALSO got his own boy bath tub! no more pink seat for this big boy. Bath time is still his favorite, and anytime he is naked he is still thrilled to death.

We also started the "Your baby can read" program. He loves watching the video, and we try to integrate the words he is learning into our vocabulary a lot. And I swear, when I showed him his toy elephant, and used some phrases from the video, his eyes lit up, like he knew he had heard that word before. And, if nothing else, the educational video keeps him occupied for 50 minutes a  day ;)
We are having so much fun with this sweet boy!

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