24-25 weeks

Sweet Colton is getting so big so fast. This week he started giving mama kisses, big, wet, open mouthed ones, and he also cut his first tooth, his bottom right one, one January 20th!
Colton also survived his first move. We moved from Boise to Utah on January 24th, and he did pretty good during the drive, but by the end of the long day he was so over tired he had the worst night of his life, and screamed for hours and hours until he finally just came to bed with mom and dad.
These two weeks it seemed like Colton changed overnight from a baby to a little boy. He is typically so happy and content, but if he needs something, or is dissatisfied with his current state, he will let us know.
Colton has loved the mirror since he was itty bitty, but now seems to understand that it is his own reflection, and he loves modeling different faces. He thinks he is adorable


22 & 23 weeks

What a big boy we have!
We started rice cereal on Dec 31st, a week before Colton turned 5 months, and I was going to wait until at LEAST 6 months, but the kid was acting like he was starving, so we dove in and this kid loves food. He even got a new highchair!

We also have these mesh bag feeders, I had two different people give me some, and say they were the best things. Well I am here to say they ARE! We use them twice a day, and Colton will eat bananas or blueberries or blackberries, or even green beans. This was blackberries, his absolute favorite.

Colton started reaching for us this week. He is so cute waving his arms to be passed to the other parent.

He ALSO got his own boy bath tub! no more pink seat for this big boy. Bath time is still his favorite, and anytime he is naked he is still thrilled to death.

We also started the "Your baby can read" program. He loves watching the video, and we try to integrate the words he is learning into our vocabulary a lot. And I swear, when I showed him his toy elephant, and used some phrases from the video, his eyes lit up, like he knew he had heard that word before. And, if nothing else, the educational video keeps him occupied for 50 minutes a  day ;)
We are having so much fun with this sweet boy!


Christmas in Charlotte Part 3-Reason for the Season

Christmas eve in the Thomas home was so fun. We sang a few carols, and Dwayne read the Christmas story, as well as the book The Tale of Three Trees (my favorite!). Then Vanessa and Mike and two of their sweet boys Mason and Deacon sang silent night and my heart nearly burst. What a beautiful family!

Christmas morning we were up bright and early so the bigger boys could open presents. It was so great to be with the family as everyone opened presents and exchanged gifts to the kiddos. This is seriously such a wonderful group of people to call family.

Also on Christmas day, Jared, Colton and I got to be in on the skype sessions with Skyler and Nicole! We skyped my mom's ipad while they skyped the missionaries, so it was sometimes hard to see, but I got to hear their voices, and it made my heart ache I miss them so so much. Colton got a little bored though...
Christmas dinner was made complete with turkey, ham, potato casserole, jello jigglers, asparagus, and a few other delicious things, and we sat as a family and went around the table and said what each of our "gifts to Jesus" this year would be. Jared and I said we wanted to do better with our fast offerings, and with our temple attendance. We are so grateful for our blessings, and to be a part of such a great family.
The trip came to a close and we headed the long way home on Sunday after Christmas, and the next few days were spent in a funk, I missed spending time with everyone! I already have been looking at flights out there over the summer!

Christmas in Charlotte Part 2-Family Bonding

We spent a lot of time playing games and just visiting due to the drizzly weather the first several days of our trip, but that is exactly how we like to spend our time together. Activities included Blokus, Milles Bourne, Settlers of Catan, and then the game known as "High Stakes Risk" was born. Here are just a select couple videos

It started as whoever lost the game of Risk got tased, then [almost] everyone wanted a turn. Needless to say I passed. But I loved spectating!
We shot bows and arrows, shot rotten fruit out of a potato gun, and played a mean couple games of croquet, and we had the time honored tradition of burning the Christmas tree, though no pictures, I was trying to keep the baby warm!
And of course, with 18 people in the house, there was lots and lots of cooking. I made this bad boy for the last night we were there. German Chocolate Bundt Cake! It was delicious.

Christmas in Charlotte Part 1-The growing Empire!

We had a great time with all of Jared's family in Charlotte. This picture is a miracle. It had been raining all day long, of course the day we scheduled the pictures, and there were 6 kiddos to get ready, 6 women who all spent time doing perfect hair and makeup, and there were 6 grown men who been mentally preparing for family pictures, So we were definitely doing them that day. And the result? A gorgeous picture that took under 10 minutes to take. Score!
Things have changed so much with the family in the past year. 4 baby boys were born, and 3 of them were first babies, so three of the siblings were made parents! Here are all the babies, all within 10 months of each other.

I love that second picture. Colton is seriously admiring Nixon's hat :)
And look at these good looking brothers and their darling kiddos!
And of course their mamas. I LOVE this picture of the boys, it's like Nixon is saying "dude, look over there!" They are only 3 1/2 months apart and I bet they will be best cousins in the future!
The first few days, Grandma Nuni (or "Plain Grandma" as we call her), along with Jared's aunt Debbie and Uncle Jim were there. They were so kind and gave everyone presents, including matching shirts for all the littles! It was a miracle we got some semblance of a picture.
And of course these fine looking individuals. They sure love their grandsons. I know they are excited to welcome their first granddaughter (Jessica's baby) in a few months though! That little girl is going to have a lot of keeping up to do :)