Christmas Spirit

Though since our house has been on the market, we haven't put up any Christmas decorations, we have been getting in the Christmas spirit this past week. We went to a beautiful nativity with Emmie and Chase. There was a real live camel! We followed the "wise men" through to three stations where we saw Mary and baby Jesus, and heard the angels sing (that was Colton's favorite part). Afterward we went for burgers at Freddy's.
Then on Saturday the 13th, we went to Jared's work team Christmas party. We enjoyed great company and had a fun white elephant exchange, then we had our ward Christmas party. They put on a great progressive program, where we moved from room to room and we heard some great stories and musical numbers. Then we had a delicious dinner followed by pictures with Santa. Santa did not phase Colton one bit, in fact, he was determined to stuff as much of Santa's beard into his mouth as he could. This made Santa a bit uneasy, but it was just SO Colton all I could do was giggle.
Every year for Christmas when I was little, my Grandma Trimble sent our family the "12 days of Christmas", presents for each night to open up until Christmas. It was such a fun tradition, and my mom has kept it up with us! Since Christmas is a weird time for us this year, with selling the house, and going to North Carolina for 10 days, and moving, we were very low key, but her 12 days of Christmas made our season! I'm so sad, I could've sworn I took a picture of all the presents I laid out, it looked so pretty! But I can't find it anywhere! Anyway, Colton enjoyed ripping off the wrapping paper for his presents, and Grandma got him the absolute cutest hat in the world. Jared and I went through and opened the presents so fast, it was so fun! Thanks so much mom, we love you!

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