Christmas in Charlotte Part 1-The growing Empire!

We had a great time with all of Jared's family in Charlotte. This picture is a miracle. It had been raining all day long, of course the day we scheduled the pictures, and there were 6 kiddos to get ready, 6 women who all spent time doing perfect hair and makeup, and there were 6 grown men who been mentally preparing for family pictures, So we were definitely doing them that day. And the result? A gorgeous picture that took under 10 minutes to take. Score!
Things have changed so much with the family in the past year. 4 baby boys were born, and 3 of them were first babies, so three of the siblings were made parents! Here are all the babies, all within 10 months of each other.

I love that second picture. Colton is seriously admiring Nixon's hat :)
And look at these good looking brothers and their darling kiddos!
And of course their mamas. I LOVE this picture of the boys, it's like Nixon is saying "dude, look over there!" They are only 3 1/2 months apart and I bet they will be best cousins in the future!
The first few days, Grandma Nuni (or "Plain Grandma" as we call her), along with Jared's aunt Debbie and Uncle Jim were there. They were so kind and gave everyone presents, including matching shirts for all the littles! It was a miracle we got some semblance of a picture.
And of course these fine looking individuals. They sure love their grandsons. I know they are excited to welcome their first granddaughter (Jessica's baby) in a few months though! That little girl is going to have a lot of keeping up to do :)

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