20 & 21 weeks

Merry First Christmas Colton Boy!

Colton did pretty darn good on the way to and from North Carolina for Christmas. Two flights each way, plus long layovers made for 10+ hour travel days and he was a trooper. He also prompted many smiles with his santa hat.
He is about 80% proficient at rolling each way now (woo hoo!) though he still occasionally gets stuck on his belly. He loves to stick his tongue out at anyone who will play with him.
The coolest thing though?! This kiddo is sitting up! He doesn't get there on his own, and occasionally he tips over, but it is now his preferred playing position. So crazy.
Colton was awesome in North Carolina. He loved all the snuggles and attention he got from all his loving aunts and uncles, and especially Grammy and Pa. We had a very low key Christmas as a family, but he got a few presents from extended family and liked chewing on the wrapping paper :)
Colton's aunt Kaytlin also took some awesome family pictures for us, and she captured this absolute gem.
This picture is just so Colton. He has the most darling smile and dimples, but he really is a serious and inquisitive boy. He loved sitting in those leaves and making them crunch in his hands!
This is the best first Christmas photo I could get. I actually kind of love it haha. He was very tired.

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