19 weeks

With meeting Santa for the first time, and opening his first Christmas presents, Colton has had a fun week. Though his sleeping has been so so off. After almost 2 weeks of waking up every. single. hour. to be rocked, cuddled, and fed, mom said enough is enough, and started to enforce a semi-strict sleeping schedule. Eat, play for about 90 minutes, sleep 30-40 minutes, repeat. This ends up at about 4 naps a day, and we are trying to get Colton down for the night between 7 and 7:30. Though our upcoming trip to North Carolina is going to throw everyone off their schedule, we are hoping to stick to it a bit, since after only 2 days of the schedule, Colton was down to only waking up 3 times a night instead of 9. Here's to hoping!

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