17 & 18 weeks

What a little HAM! Colton hit 4 months on Sunday and he is changing so so much. Last week he had his first real sickness after we got back from Colorado. He was stuffy and feverish and coughing and it was so sad! Luckily he kicked it in 2 days and is back to his particular self. This picture was when he was so sick. He got a hot bath and his binky at the same time just to help him feel better!
His fave thing these past few weeks? The exersaucer. He has figured out how to play with the toys and how to bounce, he loves that thing. He is even "walking" in it to spin the chair around and get to other toys.
He still pretty much only rolls from his back to his right side onto his tummy, then he gets stuck. Good thing there we have super daddy around to save the day.
He had his 4 months checkup this week. He is 23 inches long (less than the 0 percentile), 14.3 lbs (22nd percentile), and I don't remember his head circumference, only that it is in the 1st percentile. So really, our little man is still really little!
Little or not though, this kiddo is so smart, We have reached what I like to call the manipulation stage. He is testing us for sure, to see what he can get away with, and how much he has to whine in order to get our attention, and even though he is the cutest kid in the world, I'm starting to have to lay down some ground rules, but really we mostly play all day long
And the only thing he likes more than playing with mom? the tv....

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