Thanksgiving in Denver

So Colton and I flew out to Denver by ourselves on November 22nd, because Jared had to work. I was so stressed out about flying with him by myself. Colton had been nursing terribly in public, and I was so worried he would just scream the whole plane ride. But Colton absolutely loved the airport, and when we got on the plane the nicest lady in the world offered us the window seat in her row, and said if I needed to nurse him it would be totally fine and just made me feel at ease, then as soon as we took off Colton fell asleep, and slept all the way until we landed and hour and a half later. I was so so relieved!
We spent a few days in Parker just hanging out and relaxing, Colton absolutely adores his uncle Lance, he thinks he is the funniest person he has ever met, every time Colton heard Lance's voice he would giggle. 
As usual the wildlife in my parent's neighborhood was out and about. The neighborhood turkeys made and appearance on Thanksgiving and these deer were literally 5 feet away from me.

Jared flew out on Wednesday and that night we went to PF Changs for a bit of a celebratory dinner for Jared's job offer! (post to come :) ) Then Thursday we had a nice Thanksgiving full of delicious food and let's be honest, a lot of xbox haha. 
That night my dad and I headed out to Walmart around 10 because he wanted to get one of their black friday tvs. We beat any craziness AND got the tv! Out and home in less than an hour!
Saturday Jared, Colton, and I went over to Aurora to see our old friends Pat and Rachelle, who just bought a house over there. It was so good to see them after a couple of years!
We all flew home on Sunday, and Colton was a little more fussy on the flight back, but still did moderately awesome. It was so funny, Jared stood up in the aisle to go change Colton in the bathroom on the plane, and this 10 year old kid scooched around him and beat him to the bathroom! So Jared was just standing up waiting and waiting and about 20 minutes go by and the flight attendant was like "What is that kid doing in there?!" so they are banging on the door asking if he is ok, then the kid comes out and says "I fell asleep in the bathroom, sorry"....ya....sure ya did. 
Anyway we got home safe but we were all beyond exhausted. We had a great relaxing week in Colorado and it was so great to be with family, even if it was weird that two of my siblings were gone!

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