14 & 15 weeks

I can't believe I just typed 15 weeks!
3 1/2 months old now, and man the milestones are flying by. Colton rolled over, both from back to front, and front to back, for the first time on November 8th. Since then, though, he has forgotten how to roll from his stomach to his back, so my day is spent rolling him over when he gets stuck after rolling from his back to his stomack and freaks out. Woo hoo.
Also, he has been teething! I thought it couldn't be true, but there's a little white bulge on his bottom gum, and he is drooling so much, and is getting mighty close to shoving both fists in his mouth to suck on. Plus he has been a royal stinkerpot lately. But we are soaking up a billion snuggles and taking lots of teething tablets.
Colton loves to be tickled, and sung to, and will sing along with you. He will "oooh" with me and loves to chat. I also gave him one of my stuffed animals from when I was a kid, a little beanie baby dog named Sarge, and he loves holding it in the crook of his elbow and putting his nose on his head. He also LOVES looking at himself in the mirror. Even if he is mid scream, he will see himself and squeal with delight. In fact the only way he will let me get ready is if he is seated in front of the mirror where he can stare at his cute mug.

We are practically all the way out of 0-3 month clothes, and just moved up to size 2 diapers this week. They are still a little big, but the size 1 diapers just weren't cutting it!
He has also been losing his hair like crazy! I can see white blonde fuzz growing in under what's left of the dark, but there is not much  of it left

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