13 weeks

This week has been wonderful! I have such a happy boy on my hands! Finally just about out of the newborn stage and boy have we been rewarded for being so patient. This kiddo is sleeping from about 9:30 pm-7:30 am, waking up usually only once during the night to eat and snuggle. During the day he is content and playful and chatty and smiley. He has probably cried less than an hour total this whole week. It's been so much fun!
Colton is just about rolling over from his stomach to his back. He grasps his toys and shakes rattles. He gets so excited when dad comes come and he loves to squeal to be part of conversations. He LOVES the tv too. If I let him he would sit in front of the tv all day long with no complaints.
He is constantly "sitting up straight". If I am carrying him he has to have his back straight and his head held up so he can see everything.
I am so excited to be with him every day, he is an absolute joy!

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