11 & 12 weeks

We have transitioned to the crib! Colton is still in our room, but no more swing sleep, at least at night, and he is doing pretty good!
He has started this squeal thing to get people's attention. It is hilarious.
The past two weeks have brought a lot more smiles and laughs, I am loving this age. He is playing with us, sticking his tongue out and talking and he is a bumbo champ now.
Colton has been much less fussy, thank goodness. He is still Mister Particular and will let us know it, but he is able to level out his emotions so much better.
He loves to watch people, and does awesome anywhere there are groups where he can see lots of faces and try to get people's attention.
The first month or so I was so sad Colton was growing so fast, but I am excited to get out of the newborn phase. I love the interaction we are getting, and seeing his personality come out more and more. This kiddo is hilarious.

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