10 weeks

Colton had his first shots this week, and he took them like a champ. That means he also got measured! 12 lbs 1 oz (40th percentile), 22" tall (8th percentile), and his head is 38 centimeters (14th percentile), so gaining weight great, but but he has only grown one inch taller from when he was born, short stack!
Dad went on his first hunting trip and left us by ourselves overnight for the first time, and we survived!
Uncle Lance also came out for a couple days. Colton immediately remembered him from a few weeks ago at his blessing. Colton thinks Lance is hilarious. He also loves watching tv with him. He finds tv completely enthralling.
He has been a lot more jumpy this week, I think it's because he has a better idea of what's going on around him. He will be fine, just hanging out, and someone will cough, or shut the dryer, or get ice from the fridge, and then he will jump and be inconsolable for 30 minutes, so we have been tip toeing around the past couple days.
But he has been much more smiley this week too, really laughing, and more willing to grin at you. I am just soaking up every smile!

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