11 & 12 weeks

We have transitioned to the crib! Colton is still in our room, but no more swing sleep, at least at night, and he is doing pretty good!
He has started this squeal thing to get people's attention. It is hilarious.
The past two weeks have brought a lot more smiles and laughs, I am loving this age. He is playing with us, sticking his tongue out and talking and he is a bumbo champ now.
Colton has been much less fussy, thank goodness. He is still Mister Particular and will let us know it, but he is able to level out his emotions so much better.
He loves to watch people, and does awesome anywhere there are groups where he can see lots of faces and try to get people's attention.
The first month or so I was so sad Colton was growing so fast, but I am excited to get out of the newborn phase. I love the interaction we are getting, and seeing his personality come out more and more. This kiddo is hilarious.


10 weeks

Colton had his first shots this week, and he took them like a champ. That means he also got measured! 12 lbs 1 oz (40th percentile), 22" tall (8th percentile), and his head is 38 centimeters (14th percentile), so gaining weight great, but but he has only grown one inch taller from when he was born, short stack!
Dad went on his first hunting trip and left us by ourselves overnight for the first time, and we survived!
Uncle Lance also came out for a couple days. Colton immediately remembered him from a few weeks ago at his blessing. Colton thinks Lance is hilarious. He also loves watching tv with him. He finds tv completely enthralling.
He has been a lot more jumpy this week, I think it's because he has a better idea of what's going on around him. He will be fine, just hanging out, and someone will cough, or shut the dryer, or get ice from the fridge, and then he will jump and be inconsolable for 30 minutes, so we have been tip toeing around the past couple days.
But he has been much more smiley this week too, really laughing, and more willing to grin at you. I am just soaking up every smile!


8 & 9 weeks

My baby is two months old!
I swear Colton changes daily at this point. The past two weeks his eyesight has gotten so much better, he looks to find things that are making noise. He is now batting at the toys hanging from his play mat, and realizes that if he kicks the side of the mat, all the toys move. He is also very chatty, he likes to coo and sigh, and try to talk with me.

He is the happiest right when he wakes up, he gets so excited to see mom, and plus, he knows he's about to get his diaper changed, his favorite thing in the world, second only to baths, which we are now taking in the bath tub, though still in his pink bath chair.
He is very very particular though. He still has very fussy bouts, and likes to be held very specific ways. He gets irritated and will let everyone know it. The good news is I finally found a binky that he can more or less keep in his mouth, and it doesn't make him crazy at night when he spits it out. Thank goodness!
I cannot get this child on a schedule to save our lives. This past Sunday night, we put him down at 9pm, and he slept all the way until 6am! Then he got a diaper change, ate, and slept until 9:30 am. This must have been a birthday present for me, because typically he goes down at 11, and is up at 3 and 6 to eat. During the day we are ranging from 15 minute naps all the way to 3 hour naps, but we never know what we are going to get!

Another milestone this week, we have had to use a "shield" in order for Colton to latch to eat since he was born. It's not too big of an inconvenience, and it made the first month super easy. I wasn't sore and he ate great, but I have been working to wean him off the shield, and finally as of yesterday, we haven't used it at all, woo hoo! Now the next battle is to get him to sleep in his crib/pack & play, instead of his stationary swing. We've used the swing as a bassinet for him since he came home from the hospital (good thing too, because we had a choking scare a few weeks back, and if he had been flat on his back....ugh I don't even want to think about it...). We don't keep it running, but it props him up into a more seated position to sleep. Now, he is taking most naps in his crib, but those are the naps that are closer to 15-30 minutes, he still sleeps much better in the swing.

(yes...that is one of my shirts and tank tops as a blanket...whatever works in the moment, right?)
 The kid does keep getting cuter and cuter though, he sure has our hearts. I love spending my days with him, and getting to know his big personality. I'm so excited for him to be interacting more, it is such a blessing to watch!