Grandpa and aunt Nicole

Last Thursday night, late, my dad and sister came out to spend labor day with us and to met Colton. I was so excited for them to come, and bittersweetly,  this is the last time I will see my sister in person for a year and a half! She leaves on her mission next Wednesday! I'm sad but so proud of her, and I'm so glad we got to spend some time together before she leaves.

Friday we had a delicious lunch at Kona Grill in the Village, and frozen yogurts after. We love going to The Village and it was fun to take dad and Nicole around the cute shopping center. Plus Colton did awesome.
Saturday we headed downtown to the farmers market and for some breakfast at Goldies. Breakfast was awesome, even after waiting forever, and it was so fun to eat the fruit samples and dad even bout some "plumcots" a plum and apricot hybrid, and they were absolutely delicious!

We also did a lot of hanging out, and talking, it is still kind of a challenge to do much out of the house with our 4 week old. It was so nice to spend time together, and this is the first time my dad and been out to see our house!

Monday came and we were sad to say goodbye, though we get to see my dad in just 2 weeks for colton's blessing. But not Nicole, so sad!
It is so weird that next year all my siblings but Damon will likely be on missions. But what an awesome heartache to have. I'm so excited for them!

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