Blessing Day

How blessed we were to have so much family here for Colton's blessing!
Sarah came to stay with us for about a week before the blessing and we had a great time working on crafts for the nursery, going to the auction, thrift storing, and watching a few movies. 

Then Dwayne came in on Thursday before the blessing. We all went to The Village for lunch and enjoyed catching up. It had been Dwayne's birthday on that Tuesday so I made him a Mounds cake. It was delicious, and we cut into it Thursday night along with Great Aunt Jean and Uncle Loy. 

Friday morning Jared and Dwayne went with uncle Loy to the church orchard out past Caldwell to glean fruit and they came back with a truckload of peaches! Then that afternoon my family came in (minus Skyler and Nicole, now both on missions!) Colton got to meet his uncle lance and uncle Damon. That night we ate pizza and just hung out and it was so nice to be surrounded by people we love.
Saturday Sarah surprised dwayne and Jared with a "flyboard" experience, basically a jet pack on water, so they headed up to lucky peak to do that while I went downtown with my family to the farmers market. Then after we all met up at Red Robin for lunch, and my grandparents came too!
Saturday night we enjoyed a long walk, we go on nightly walks with Colton all around the neighborhood, and I've loved including our family in on them.
Finally Sunday came, 8:30 am church is a little rough on everyone but we all made it, dressed and everything.

Jared gave Colton a beautiful blessing, blessing him to be kind and conscious to everyone, be obedient and respectful of his Elders, and to be strong in body, mind, and of opinion (like he needed that one, have you met his parents?) :)  Colton did great through the blessing and all of sacrament meeting. Then we went outside for pictures and he had had it.
Four Generations!
We all headed home for a big lunch,  and slowly everyone had to start heading home.
We are so grateful to everyone who came out and made the blessing of our first baby so special. We have one awesome little boy, and so many people love him, it is wonderful to see!

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