6 & 7 weeks

Colton has changed so much over the past two weeks it is crazy! He is tracking so much with his eyes, and he will find me wherever I am in the room. He is also a kicking FIEND. He will lay on his back, or sit in his bouncer, and kick his legs it seems like he will just take off. I vow to get a video of it this next week, it is hilarious!

He's been "talking" a lot more, finding out that he makes a lot more noises than just crying. He makes this high pitched sigh that is absolutely darling, and he will copy it if we do it first.
This kids favorite thing is to be naked. I mentioned last week he is a tough crowd, he still is, but get this kid's diaper off and he's all smiles and grunty giggles. Heck even when we just lay him on his changing table he grins. Weirdo.
Speaking of grunts, he has the hardest time waking up. As I lay in bed typing this, he has been grunting, stretching, wiggling and tooting for and hour and 15 minutes, but is still asleep. The other day I took this picture, after 2 solid hours of his wake up routine he had wiggled his legs all the way over the edge of the swing!

We sure love our boy, especially his daddy. He has a magic touch to help Colton calm down. He will get fussy right around the time Jared comes home for work because he knows dad is almost home and he is sick of mom. Jared is so patient and sweet with him, he will sing to him and play the piano to him, I love watching them together. 
This week we had tons of family in for Colton's blessing, that is a whole other post, but one thing is for certain, his blessing outfit broke my heart he was so handsome (even if he wasn't the biggest fan of it :) ).
Look at how much his complexion changes from being so serene to being super mad...too funny.

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