5 weeks

What an awesome week we've had! Colton's evening scream sessions still happen, but only for about 
an hour or so, around 9 pm, instead of for 4 hours from 8-12 am. Hallelujah for that!
The best part of the week? I posted a clip from this video on facebook, but the full thing is priceless. This was filmed on Saturday September 6th, on his one month "birthday".

Though this kid makes for a tough crowd because we haven't seen able to make him giggle again! We get a few smiles a day, and he will grunt/gurgle in response to us talking to him, but no more giggles, he just teased us! (yes...this face is a smile haha)
This boy is immensely sweet, I've known that since I first heard his cry. This week his cries have been accompanied by tears, which would break anybody's heart! I'll pick him up from his swing or pack and play when he is crying and he will bury his head in my shoulder and finish his sobs silently, just relieved to be held again, and then rest his head there. These are moments I absolutely soak up, I know they won't last long. 
Along those lines, we are starting to pack up the newborn clothes. There are still a few onesies he fits into, and the next size up is still a bit big, but this boy is sure growing!

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  1. LOVE the video! Jared is such a dork. Him laughing/making wierd sounds made me snicker as much as when Colton did it. He is such a cute baby! Wish I could just snuggle him. Love you guys!