3 & 4 weeks

As of August 28th Colton weighed 10 pounds exactly, but I'm sure it's a bit more now.
We had a few half smiles while Grandpa and Aunt Nicole were in town, but no full grins yet.

This face also happened, he has taken to sticking his bottom lip out when he is so sad, and it is darling.

He is a great eater and sleeper (once he finally goes to sleep)  we are up 2-3 times a night for diaper changes and eating, but he goes back down easily. 

This boy LOVES baths. We borrowed a bath chair from our friends Chase and Emmie, who yes, have a little girl. So regardless of the pink color, baths are Colton's favorite thing. We sing primary songs and wring the warm water from the washcloth on his belly, it is pretty much baby heaven.

During the day Colton is happy and naps a lot, which is helpful for mom to be able to get things done.
We go on walks every evening with dad and Colton loves it, but only if we are holding him facing out. No stroller or carrier, this boy wants to see, to take the world in. He loves looking at the blue sky and the tall trees.
(GAAHH That double chin kills me!!)
Our kicker is from about 8pm-12 am, which is the period of time he is most likely screaming. He gets over tired and bubbles in his tummy and he just hates that time of the day! It's definitely a hard adjustment to go from a silent house for 4+ years, and being and be to go to sleep whenever we wanted, vs getting screamed at for 3 hours every night, but we are learning some tricks and hey, at least it's not at 3 am. 

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