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My sweet friend Emmie tagged me in a post, challenging me to list out 15 movies that have had an impact on me. I really got to thinking, and had a lot of fun coming up with my list! I thought I would make a blog post out of it so I can add pictures and reasons :) I will point out that these are in no particular order.
1. Forrest Gump
This is one of those movies I could watch over and over again. I think Forrest is the prime example of kindness. My absolute favorite part of this movie is when he finds out he has a son, and he asks if he is smart, or if he is "like him [Forrest]". He knows he isn't the brightest, but strives to be the best he can be. 

2. Star Trek
Just hearing the words "Space; the final frontier" brings me back to my childhood, watching Star Trek with my parents. But the new Star Trek was awesome! I love the first and second one. I think Captain Kirk and Spock are perfect and I love the music that reminds me so much of "Lost" through it.

3. Up
There's something about that montage at the beginning along with Russell that absolutely melts my heart. I love the adventure, and the love story, and the friendship.

4. A Walk to Remember
That scene after Landon finds out his father is helping Jamie, and he goes to his house, that hug...I saw it for the first time when I was in 5th grade, and it gave me chills even then! I also love that they get married, it preserves some of the beauty of marriage out of true love, that you never see in movies any more.

5. The Time Traveler's wife
This is mine and Jared's movie. I'm not into many chick flicks, and I rarely ask that Jared watch any with me, but this is one that Jared and I watched when we were engaged, and we both absolutely love. We watch it every Valentine's day. At the end when flawless Rachel McAdams is sprinting through the field just to hold her husband one last time makes me choke up just typing about it.

6. Father of the Bride
This is a movie I grew up on. Aside from adoring Steve Martin in this, I love the father/daughter dynamic in this movie. it always makes me think of my Dad, and helps me get some perspective on how much he loves me.

7. Dead Poets Society
Robin Williams. Oh Captain my Captain. Need I say more? I love the writing of this movie, it is funny and tragic.

8. Minority Report
My favorite kinds of movies are ones that make me think. I think Minority report has a solid plot, and I always end up really pondering people's choices after I watch this movie. Bringing the gospel into it, I think it really plays up the idea of free agency, and how important our choices are.

9. Inception
Mind. Explosion. Speaking of movies that make you think....is there any movie that does that more than Inception??

10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2
This was the end of an era for me. I went and saw the premier of the first movie when I was only 11 years old, and saw this premier when I was 21. I thought they wrapped up the movies pretty perfectly. I will always prefer the books, but the movies did capture a lot of the magic in the words.

11. Les Miserables
That soundtrack tho. Love. Love. Love.

12. The Invention of Lying
This is an awful movie and I really don't recommend it to anyone. I will never see it again, BUT. When Jared and I were dating, we saw this in the theaters, and there was a moment, they were talking about falling in love, and Jared and I looked at each other, and there was such an electricity in the air. That was the moment we fell in love with each other. We just stared at each other and couldn't look away. I think that's when we knew we would spend forever together.

13. Charly
GAAHH. I lovehate this movie. It rips your heart out and stomps it on the ground, and I really don't like to be depressed for a week after I watch a movie. But it really shows what a blessing eternal marriage is, and it's such a different feeling at the end than A Walk to Remember. 

14. Mud
This is just a fun movie. Think Goonies, but less silly. Matthew McConaughey is brilliant in it. It's an unexpected movie. It is funny and adventurous, and showcases southern living on the river beautifully. It feels like you are reading a well-written novel when watching it, but it's not based on a book!

15. Pride and Prejudice
Seriously? "Mrs. Darcy Mrs. Darcy Mrs. Darcy". Melty melty melty.

I challenge all my sister in laws to think of the 15 movies that have had an impact on them and do a blog post about it!

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