2 weeks

Two weeks in and this kid is already breaking my heart every day with how much he is growing and changing.
Colt is so alert, he loves to be a part of the action. He is not a fan of falling asleep, he must think he is going to miss something.
After my mom left Sunday night, it was the start to the first "stay at home mom" week, and we have definitely had our ups and downs.
It seems like he will have a great night, followed by a great day, then a not-so-good-night and the same kind of day. I can't hold it against him though, being a baby sure is hard, and trying to figure out what he needs me to do sometimes takes me longer than he would like.
Colton is so grunty, and he doesn't like waking up. He will spend 30-45 minutes just grunting and stretching before he wakes up, it is pretty funny.
This man is full of such a sweet personality, I can tell he is trying so hard to interact with me when he stares at me with those baby blues (which have lightened significantly this week...*sob*), and every time I get a glimpse of his sleep smiles I just can't wait for him to start grinning.
He lost his umbilical cord this week, on Tuesday August 19th, and I am loving his belly button. He also had his "1 week checkup" on the 15th, and he was up to 8lbs 10 oz, so up 4 oz from birth, which is great!
Such funny things motherhood does to you...I have never before talked about "tooting" in such depth, but babies sure incite a lot of "bathroom" talk.

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